Monday, November 27, 2006

Follow-up Vet visit

LT went to the VET today to check on the ringworm and get his first shots. The ringworm is nearly totally gone, the VET said to just continue the treatment for another week and he should be fine.

Also, LT gained 0.9 lbs! From 1.6 lbs 2 weeks ago to 2.5 lbs today! Well, he eats like a horse, so that's not unexpected.
I also put up a notice at the VETs with pictures looking for a forever home for little LT. I'm hoping for the best.


Luna said...

Poor little kitties! =^.^=
I wish for xmas a home for the little kitties! and you?

Faz the Cat said...

I will keep fingers crossed for you to get a new home soon. Christine
(and paws crossed too - Faz)